Clarotechnico 12 | D D U Techfest 2012

Fest Name:  Clarotechnico 12
Organising College Name:  D D U (Dharmsinh Desai University)
Fest Type:  Technical Fest
Fest Start Date:  5th March 2012
Fest End Date:  7th March 2012
Fest Info:  Smashing the barriers of conventional knowledge in each stage;
Clarotechnico enhancing technology in its age
While the serenity of humans reaches a new dimension, it is technology that takes us to newer height. We continue the game of survival by putting technology on the frontlines. Hence, technology has become a tool like no other, spectacular in its architecture and blissful in its aim.The spirit of innovation is rising again. It is the time to experience the battle of the best. Unleash the creator, the innovator, the mettle in you. Scale all the heights of complexity. Leap the boundaries of creativity. Intertwining our innovative ideas with technology to create a world, harmonious and peaceful, we aim to ensure that every participant is scintillated, notified and benefited. 

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