IET 360 2012 | MGR University tech fest 2012

Fest Name: IET 360 V-2.0
Organising College Name: MGR University, Chennai, Tamilnadu
Fest Type: Techno Cultural fest
Fest Start Date: 2nd March 2012
Fest End Date: 3rd March 2012
Fest Info: IET 360 Degree, aims to be a platform to perform on for all those young budding professionals who aspire to stand out in the crowd. Its tech yet is fun. Its bamboozling yet informative. Its problematic yet fashionable. Its crazy yet sensible. And to sum it all, its the baap of all events. Its IET-360 Degree- Go Round, Grow Wild.IET-360 Degree is a platform which epitomises innovation, quality and sophistication. It in a way aims to lend a charm to its associates by blending a unique mix of raw tech and funtush stuff. This is a platform which entitles you to be under the glare of industry heavyweights from across the globe. Now, thats something which is unparalled as far as other Techno- Cultural fests are concerned. With events ranging from raw tech to raw style, from industry to rangoli, from quiz to photography. You name it and we have it. It plans to be a path breaker and now its you who has to decide—do you have what it all takes to compete with the greatest of minds?? 

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