Incident 2012 | Incident NIT Surarthkal | NIT Surarthkal cult fest 2012

incident-2012-cult-fest - nit surathkal
Festival Name:
 Incident 2012
Organising College Name: NIT Surarthkal, Mangalore, Karnataka
Festival Type: Cultural event
Incident 2012 start Dates: 29th February 2012
Incident 2012 End Dates: 4th March 2012
Incident 2012 Details:
Incident is the national level cultural festival of National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal, India. This year Incident is being held in the last week of February.
Incident was first conducted in 1980 and has grown exponentially in stature over the years to become one of the largest cultural festivals in South India. This edition of Incident promises to be bigger than ever before. Come, be a part of it.
or over 25 years, Incident at NITK has been more than just a normal cultural festival, lights all aglow, colour all around and all that jazz. It’s been a part of our heritage, our culture, something that brings us all together with passion and single-minded focus. We’re hardwired to expect it to be, well, at the expense of sounding like a certain Barney Stinson, legendary. And Incident hasn’t disappointed yet. Incident ’10 saw a record number of participants, more events than there have ever been before, proshows that had the SAC jam-packed with people, a feeling of euphoria in the air. You thought Incident ’10 was a masterpiece? Well, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.
For the cultural and eastern music enthusiast, we give you Bandish and Raagalaya. For the aspiring rock fanatic, we have Pulse. For those of you more inclined toward music that soothes the soul, Acoustics. Think there’s no talent as mesmerising as a voice breaking into melodious song? Solo singing is the place for you.
For the fine art connoisseur, we have Kalakriti. The photography buff gets Expose. And for those of you who think opinions are better expressed in languages other than English, Kananda or Hindi events are probably your cup of tea.
Dance aficionado? Promenade. Ardent fashion follower? Haute Couture. Think all the world’s just one big drama? Centerstage. War of the DJs. Sandemonium. Pool Splash. Informalz. Digital Assault. Beach Football and Volleyball. It doesn’t matter what you want. We have something for everyone.

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