Nimbus 2012 | Nit hamirpur tech fest 2012 | Nimbus nit hamirpur

Fest Name: Nimbus 2012
Organising College Name: NIT Hamirpur
Festival Type: Technical Festival
Nimbus 2012 Start Date: 15th March 2012
Nimbus 2012 End Date: 18th March 2012
Nimbus 2012 Details: NIMBUS, the annual technical extravaganza of NIT Hamirpur, itself represents a halo, a circle of light which thereby hints at the enlightening knowledge achieved through shear hard work, dedication, perseverance and concentration. Right from the planning to the execution, it is the mere spirit of NIMBUS which epitomizes the aforesaid values.
The extravaganza, lasting for a period of four days, showcases diasporas of events aimed at honing the technical and managerial skills of individuals. It provides chassis to the technical enthusiasts of various premier institutes to be paid off for their sleepless nights. NIMBUS is all about IMAGINING, EXPLORING, OBSERVING, INNOVATING and EXPERIENCING the magic of technology beyond the barriers of thoughts.
Carrying forward the tradition , NIT Hamirpur , presents NIMBUS 2012 under the theme “Sansriti…Utkarsh…Anveshan” which highlights the confluence of ideas in a journey to create a better tomorrow, upholding the enthusiasm and inquisitiveness which themselves stand as the keystones of Science.
For More Details: Nimbus 2012

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