Techniti 2012 | nit jalandhar techfest 2012 | Techniti nit jalandha

techniti2012 nit jalandhar
Festival Name:
 Techniti 2012

Organising College Name:
  NIT Jalandhar, Punjab
Festival Type:  Technical Fest
Techniti 2012 Start Dates: 2nd March 2012
Techniti 2012 End Dates: 4th March 2012
Techniti 2012 Details: This year brings us, yet again, to the annual NIT Jalandhar Tech Fest, an opportunity for students all over the country from a diversity of fields to unite and celebrate our various identities, now conjoined, as one. Through the year we sweat, we create, we analyze, we write, we work and we play, but in our respective traditions. To deal with the conundrum of this divide, we bring together aspects of all our indulgences into one temptation, the one event in the entire year that draws us out from the limits of our existence into the haven of that which is sublime, togetherness.
We bring to you the onus of breaking away from the notion of a limited identity, to a forum where you can be what you will yourself to be, do what you desire to do, choose, where in retrospect, choice might’ve been limited. Indulge, Surrender, Rebel, Break away, for you must know if you don’t already, the barriers are naught but ‘Technical’ and there is always a way about them, and this event is that way! It’s not just a fest, its three days of revelation.
Three days of religion. Three days of Freedom. A memory that you will beg to relive.


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